Bailey Street, Sheffield

We have constructed a brand new eight storey 220 bed student accommodation scheme for Erec Estates on Bailey Street, Sheffield.

Value: £19 million
Duration: 51 Weeks

Having a Torsion Group representative stay onsite for a number of weeks after PC has been a great benefit to the success and reputation of the development.

David Worsley
Developments Director

Project overview
Bailey Street is a new 8-storey project built for Erec Estates in Sheffield.

Bailey Street is located on the West Street of the North of the city centre, where is one of the most popular areas among students in Sheffield. Only within 8 minutes’ walk, students can get to the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

51 Week Construction period
The team have successfully managed the project safely and delivered a high-quality building within an astonishing 51 week period!

Achieving practical completion on 13 September 2019, of the 220-bed development on such a tight site within 12 months has taken a lot of planning, effort and determination by all involved to ensure the successful opening.

An unbelievable achievement delivered by a dedicated team working together. This was Torsion Group’s first offsite manufactured Light Gauge Steel Frame form of construction.